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Design, implementation and restoration of stained glass

My fascination with glass has been there for a long time. Driven by this fascination I took up a traineeship at a distinguished glass company to become a stained glass artist. During this period I also completed my four year study at the Art Academy and in 1993 I was given the opportunity to open my own glass-art studio in Vriezenveen, a small town in the east of The Netherlands.

I first started out making stained glass windows and glass paintings, but over the last four years I developed myself further, particularly in the art of glassfusing, which is a technique to make glass objects by joining and bending pieces of glass. This technique enabled me to produce i.a. glass musical instruments, and the production of these instruments has become a big challenge for me over the last couple of years.

In present time I continue to develop myself in the area of glass crafting and glass art in an auto didactical way. By making various glass products in various ways, I try to let people experience the many possibilities in glass crafting and let them enjoy the beauty of glass.

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The Netherlands
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Glasfusing is de techniek, die wordt gebruikt om stukjes of repen glas van dezelfde of verschillende kleuren samen te voegen door middel van het gedeeltelijk smelten van het glas, gebruikmakend van hogere temperaturen.


Wil Wessels Glasatelier

Westeinde 172
7671 CG Vriezenveen
T.(0546) 565294F.(0546) 565294

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